Save 2 euro

Save €2 on every prescription medicine – now with Care 4 Pets


Redeem your vet’s prescriptions at Care 4 Pets and save a lot!

You will receive a € 2 Loyalty Fee per position on your prescription, so you can receive a great bonus!

The loyalty fee can be obtained from us for every prescription. Excluded are only prescriptions with non-prescription medicines.

How does it work?

With every position you will receive a “stamp” for your savings card.  With 10 “stamps” your savings card is full and you saved €20. Send your savings card with your customer details to our toll free address. We will send you a discount code for €20, which you can redeem on one of your next orders for the over-the-counter range! You can not redeem your loyalty fee on prescription drugs.

How can you redeem your prescriptions at Care 4 Pets?

Just send us your original recipe to our toll free address.

If you have further questions about prescription ordering at Care 4 Pets, you can contact us.