Advantix 40/200 (XS) Dog 1,5-4 kg – 6 pipettes


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Advantix dog

Advantix spot-on for dogs contains the active ingredients imidacloprid and permethrin. The combination of these active ingredients makes Advantix suitable for the control of fleas,  ticks and biting lice, and it also has a repelling effect against ticks, sand flies, stable flies and mosquitoes. The repelling effect of Advantix prevents parasites to feed on your dog, thereby reducing the risk of transmission of diseases such as Leishmaniosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, heartworm disease (Dirofilariosis) and Lyme disease.

Advantix kills fleas within 24 hours and protects your dog during 4 weeks against new fleas. Advantix is suitable for the treatment of dogs with a flea allergy. Advantix protects 4 weeksagainst ticks, 2-3 weeks against sand flies, 2-4 weeks against mosquitoes and 4 weeksagainst stable flies.

The content of the pipette should be applied between the shoulder blades. Spread the coat, so that the content of the pipette is applied directly on the skin. The Advantix will then  be spread over the rest of the body through the sebaceous matter. In dogs weighing more than 10 kg, it is advised to divide the content of the pipette  over 4 spots on the back (from the shoulder blades to the tail base). Advantix is available in packages with 4 or 6 pipettes.


Body weight of the dog
Optimal dosage
Dog 1.5-4 kg Advantix 40/200 dog 1.5-4 kg 0.4 ml
Dog 4-10 kg Advantix 100/500 dog 4-10 kg 1.0 ml
Dog 10-25 kg Advantix 250/1250 dog 10-25 kg 2.5 ml
Dog 25-40 kg Advantix 400/2000 dog 25-40 kg 4.0 ml

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